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This procedure removes pathogens from the air and water. Ozone sanitation is the radical solution to eradicate bacteria, yeasts, molds, spores and viruses, by disintegrating their molecular structure and causing death (bacteria) or inactivation (virus).

Ozone treatment is based on the oxidizing properties of this agent, a natural gas composed of three oxygen molecules present in the stratosphere. Thanks to this, the results are effective even in repelling pests and small rodents, thus putting an end to their proliferation, the pathologies which accompany them and bad smells .

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OxOzOn Pro converts oxygen into ozone (O3) by electric discharge.

After treatment, ozone turns back to oxygen.

This natural process does not involve any chemicals. which gives it the quality of being 100% ecological.

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University studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of ozone against the coronavirus.

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