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Certification CE

This standard is the first to which we refer for the compliance of our ozone generators. It corresponds to the essential requirements expected by European legislation * in the fields of safety, public health and the protection of persons. The CE marking on our products is placed under certification issued by an Independent Laboratory and supported by a comprehensive technical manual.

* For more information, see guidelines n. 89/392 / EEC and smi, n. 89/336 / EEC and smi and n. 72/23 / EEC and smi.

Technical test, measurement certificate

The efficiency of our devices for the production of Ozone has been tested with the Federal Institute of Metrology METAS in Bern. These tests serve as the basis for the definition of the proposed treatment protocols.

OxOzOn Pro UV +: measurement certificate .

OxOzOn Pro Car2, L2, M2: measurement certificate .

Manufacturing certificates

OxOzOn Pro UV +: LVD certificate, EMC certificate

OxOzOn Pro Car2, L2, M2: LVD certificate, EMC certificate

LVD is the certification on the "Low Voltage Directives"

EMC is the certification on European electrocompatibility

Technical documentation

We make available to our customers the scientific studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of ozone in the treatment against the CoVID19 virus.

Trademark registration

The OxOzOn brand has been registered in the Swiss Trademark Register since December 2020.

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