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Disinfection and purification of workspaces and public spaces by natural ozone treatment.

OxOzOn Pro offers disinfection and purification of all types of spaces, premises and surfaces by generating high density ozone.


This treatment is carried out without chemicals and does not require additional labor.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has been spreading in Switzerland since February 20, 2020, date of the first confirmed case. According to the WHO globally, the Covid-19 epidemic becomes a pandemic on March 11, 2020, of which Europe is the epicenter from March to April. The rapid increase in cases until March led the Federal Council to put in place measures of limitation and containment. Despite a decrease in the number of cases and a relaxation of measures during the summer, several indications confirm that the pandemic is not over.

The crisis we are going through requires the application of new distancing measures and the implementation of new health security protocols, some of which are still to be defined. Current solutions are often restrictive, expensive and can have negative consequences on the environment. Companies face new types of expenses, including protective equipment, the cost of disinfection products, the cost of implementation. Most of the solutions offered use chemicals.


Ozone (O3) is a gas formed by 3 atoms of oxygen, with great oxidation and disinfection capacities. Ozone disinfects without additives or chemical detergents, using its natural strength as an oxidizer. As soon as the machine stops, the ozone produced is transformed into 100% oxygen (O2), without leaving any traces and without any toxic or chemical residue.



Prevention is the key to success:

Our certifications give the OxOzOn Pro range an additional guarantee of quality for our customers and partners

European CE certification:

Compliance report

Studies and articles:

On the effectiveness of ozone against viruses, SARS and the coronavirus

NamsenCo is a Swiss Company:

Our devices are manufactured under license and tested in an approved laboratory

OxOzOn Pro is guaranteed for 2 years:

In compliance with the contractual conditions


These certifications, coupled with operation protocols carefully defined by our specialized teams, allow you to apply our OxOzOn Pro quality label as added value for your establishment and your operations.



OZONE 03 destroys bacteria and neutralizes viruses on objects, surfaces and in tissue.

As soon as ozone comes into contact with organic matter, an oxidation and purification reaction is set in motion, destroying all microorganisms and eliminating pests. Ozone deeply disinfects and purifies with laboratory-proven effectiveness against bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, molds and viruses. The treatment also applies to dust mites and other insects that are the cause of allergies or infections.

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Thanks to its specific weight, heavier than air, ozone penetrates deeply without damaging surfaces, objects or fabrics with which it comes into contact. This treatment makes it possible to reach all the areas that a conventional washing or cleaning cannot treat.

Ozone eliminates bad smells like smoke, kitchen odors, animal odors etc.

It not only covers them, but neutralizes them completely.

Ozone also cleanses small bodies of water and food stocks.

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It is advisable to install the device in the center of the room to be disinfected and purified, without objects that could obstruct the air intake and the ozone exit channels.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Our specialists help you define the safety protocols for the proper functioning of the machines and a controlled treatment.

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  • Duration: 10 to 120 minutes

  • Capacity: up to 1'000 m3 per production unit

  • 100% natural and ecological

  • No toxic residue

  • No polluting agents

  • The device uses only oxygen present in the air

  • No need for additives or chemical detergents

  • Innovative and very advantageous

  • Reduced dimension

  • Easy to use with a timer

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doctors' offices, pharmacies, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.


restaurants, pizzerias, bars, bakeries, self-services, supermarkets, etc.

offices, stores, boutiques, shopping center, banks, homes, villas, cars, bus, taxi, etc.

schools, cinemas, public offices, daycares, fitness, etc.

beauty centers, spas, hairdressers, fitness, etc.

hotels, bed & breakfasts, etc.

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